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graphics by gunshou

splatterings of greatness
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welcome ♥
You've reached the icon journal of gunshou. This gallery contains mostly fandom-related icons, specifically Final Fantasy. Please browse and enjoy.
rules ♣
The rules are pretty simple. Comment if you like the icons; although I may not respond to every comment, each one fills me with glee. Credit gunshou or iconage if you bother crediting; I'd like other people to find me through your userpics. Don't claim you created these icons, or otherwise mislead people. One absolute: DO NOT HOTLINK. Hotlinking costs me money in bandwidth fees, and I'll no longer be able to post graphics. That would make me a sad panda. D:
caveats ♠
You can't join the community, because it's simply my space to post icons. But you can and are encouraged to friend the community. I totally measure my worth as a human being based on the length of my friends list. ^.~

I generally do not take requests, because I have a hard time finishing them. Occasionally, I'll post a meme to force myself out of a rut, so you can look for them if you'd like a request.

I would ask that you do not alter the icons (textless icons are not bases); you can ask me to add or alter text if you'd like. but truthfully, I can't stop you from doing what you want. I only ask that you respect my request if you can.
fandoms ♦
FFVII, FFVIII (sort of), FFX/X-2, FFXII. Katamari Damacy. Legend of Zelda (especially OOT). Firefly. Star Trek:TNG. She-Ra. Voltron. Vision of Escaflowne. Cowboy Bebop. Dragonball Z. Outlaw Star. Rurouni Kenshin. .hack//SIGN. Vlad Taltos. The Sun Sword. Atevi. Discworld. The Coldfire Trilogy. Stephen King. My toy poodle. Penguins. Sarah Cross. Bento boxes. Unicorns. Other things that I'm probably forgetting.
about gunshou &
I'm a high school English teacher in New England, USA. I live with my spoony dog Shadow and grade papers all day long. Occasionally I make icons, play Final Fantasy, or cross-stitch. I'm irascible and snarky, and I have an unhealthy crush on Basch fon Ronsenburg.

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